The answer is yes.

By: Chris Bang

Does corporate ownership of an MMO affect the quality of one’s narrative experience? I have not played MMOs before, however, based on my experience with LoTRO, I should admit that corporate ownership does affect our narrative experiences, but not necessarily in a bad way.


Both gamers (consumers) and companies (suppliers) are important parts of the world called MMO RPGs. Companies provide a service while we, gamers, purchase the service with monthly subscriptions. We all work to benefit from the labor. Players play to receive pleasure or a sense of achievement and companies work for monetary benefits. Sometimes companies have to make amendments in order to protect their product or to increase their profit, even when those changes would significantly change current virtual societies and their rules. As a result of these changes people often lose their properties that they feel emotionally attached to. However, we should also admit that while we feel an emotional attachment to the items, gold and hard-earned experience points within the game, the creators of MMOs also care about their products. They control the games in order to preserve the game and its initial ideas or purposes. Furthermore, not all changes made by companies ruin the narrative experience of gamers. Companies often provide expansions, new quests or new systems of game-playing, such as deeds of LoTRO, which make our virtual life even more engaging and exciting.


Corporate ownership of an MMO affects the quality of one’s experience and sometimes the result of this influence is not desirable. However, we should not think that the companies abuse their power in order to ruin our virtual experiences. They are just trying to enhance our narrative experiences, even though the result is not always beneficial. Still, we should appreciate their work and their eagerness to bring excitement to our lives.


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