Corporate Ownership and You

By: Lee Jones

Corporate ownership does in fact affect the narrative experience of the players. Corporations are in place to make money. In order for the corporations to make money, they have to appeal to the players of their games. In order to appeal to the palyers, the corporations have to find the correct balance between storyline and action. If the game has too much storyline, some players will become bored with the game because it doesn’t have enough action. However, if the game is all action, then some players will feel that they are being cheated out of the storyline that they really wanted. The corporations have to control the amount of narrative in their games to stay in business.

For example, Star Wars Galaxies started as a game that was all about the narrative experience of its players. However, the company that owns it essentially remade the game in such a way that it is now a MMO hack-and-slash game that is not storyline intensive. This move cost the company many of its customers. Stories abound of palyers that had multiple accounts, and soon after the change deleted all of them, or only left one active.

By thier vey existence, corporations do affect the narrative experience of the players of their games. They have to control the narrative to keep the most people happy, and in doing so also lose some of their “valued customers.”



By: Lee Jones

This is a very late post about my character in LOTRO. Enjoy it if you like.

Herunar is an elf that was originally from Mirkwood. He was an only child, and, like many elves, he ejoyed simpler pleasures, such as reading and music. One day while he was still young by elven standards, he met a wizard by the name of Radagast the Brown. Seeing this wizard in action against the forces of evil that had been brought into the forest by the Necromancer in Dol Guldur had an effect on Herunar. He decided to devote himself to the study of arcane lore. The library in king Thranduil’s hall helped somewhat, but Herunar soon found that if he was to learn the great secrets of his chosen path, he would have to say goodbye to his forest home and seek answers on the other side of the Misty Mountains. His journey was fraught with danger, but finally he made it to Rivendell. Elrond then told him to travel to Lindon, in Ered Luin, and there he would find the knowledge that he would need to start along the path to greatness.