I play LOTRO for homework…

By: Sam Fisher


Playing LOTRO has not affected my life to a great extent. The game merely fills a slot in my routine homework schedule. It is hard to play a game for fun when playing it for work already. Maybe if I had less to do it would be a more ideal game. It is fun, but one becomes much more aware of time when playing a game for homework.

            LOTRO does serve as a bragging point for the seminar. I get to tell my friends that I am leveling up my elf champion and leveling out of apprentice crafting. It is a situation to be envied, as I can feel no guilt playing a game. It is a nice way to fill a slot of my homework time.  The game is one reason why people are jealous of my membership in the Worlds of Wordcraft writing seminar.  This is the only time game play would come up in conversation with friends. Other than that, the game has not really been mentioned or prominent in have adverse effects on my life.

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