Late Night LOTRO !

~ by Jim B.

Well, I guess I’ll start by saying that so far, I’ve really enjoyed playing LOTRO. I find myself tempted to skip the homework some days and log on, similar to how I’ve felt at times with FFXI. It hasn’t happened (yet :D), but I do wish I had more free time. Everyone does, I guess. . . especially those of us with Chinese five days a week.

The majority of the time I spend with LOTRO falls roughly between the hours of 10pm and 3am. Sure, I would absolutely love to sleep during that time, but unfortunately I have some very nocturnal hallmates who like to engage in all sorts of diverse activities all throughout the night. 🙂

[door slam]       [toilet flush]  [door slam]       [soccer ball blasting against my door]

[“WOOOOO”]           [door slam]             [“WOOO”]    [heated argument in the hallway]

[door slam][door slam]      [door slam]    [soccer ball blasting against the wall] [door slam]

[door slam][“WOOOOOOOOO”]                                      {door slam]

It’s a good thing I have something to do while I wait to go to bed; otherwise I could go insane. D: If this keeps up, I’ll be level 50 in no time ! 🙂

[door slam]


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