Playing Games For Homework?!

By: Max Mam

I live on a pretty social hall and my roommate and I always leave the door open so that people constantly wander in and out of our room. There have been countless times when I have been leveling up or questing in LOTRO or NWN2 and people come into my room and ask me what I’m up to. I simply reply with a smirk, “Doin’ some homework, man.” I love watching their reactions because they always are amazed and jealous and generally have a ton of questions about the class. It’s fun hearing their comments, but honestly I would rather them leave me alone because I’m busy killing goblins.

Video gaming for this class honestly hasn’t affected my life in any noticeable way. I was a pretty hardcore Final Fantasy XI player in high school, but since coming to college, I’ve yet to touch the game. In high school, I am certain that my video gaming extended into and affected other aspects of my life. Staying up late nights or turning down friends’ requests to hang out just so I could finish a mission or attend an online event were common for me. In college, however, I’ve been careful to make sure that video gaming, whether it be for pure aesthetic pleasure or for class, never interfered in my social or academic lives. I make conscious efforts to ensure that my academics comes first, and that I never neglect my friends for the sake of simple video game entertainment. Even so, I thoroughly enjoy video gaming and would never give it up completely. I am a gamer for life, but RL comes first. Perhaps growing older and a bit more mature has helped me realize the responsibilities I now have.

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