Priorities, Priorities, and more Priorities

by Evan Schrager

Thus far in the semester, LOTRO/NWN2 has not directly affected any area of my life. However, it did indirectly change my life because it rekindled my love for the MMO.  When I play LOTRO and NWN2, I am not as involved in terms of immediacy and enjoyment as I normally am in games of this type. Final Fantasy XI has been my favorite online game for a few years now, and my desire to go back to the world of Vana d’iel could not be contained any longer. I re-activated my account, and have started to happily roam the familiar areas again.

Final Fantasy XI is a very addicting MMO, paralleling the addictiveness of games such as WoW and Star Wars: Galaxies. When I wake up, I check the auction house quickly to see if the weapons I need are available. Checking the auction house has replaced checking my facebook on a daily basis (sounds pathetic).

I spend less time on my school work because I am usually involved in something on the game that requires my full attention. I do easy written work while I’m playing, such as math or physics assignments, and focus less attention than I should on them.

I also used to go out 3-4 nights during the week because I had a lot of free time, but that free time is now committed to the games, so I stick to going out on weekends, which isn’t necessarily such a bad thing.

My friends tell me they feel like they have lost a friend, because I am usually in my room playing. In the past I would play guitar and hang out with them in their rooms. Oops! In fact, right now, two players and I are on our way to a battlefield to try and get some rare items to sell for money! How ironic…

My priorities definitely need to be set straight, because I am spending way too much time playing this game. This blog post was a real wake up call for me. But I assure you, I am not alone…thousands of people share my problem. Just gotta keep my priorities straight.

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