The “Have Sex With” Button…hey wait…


By: Dan Nockels

What happened to the sexy blog topic I had a link picked out and everything.

But fine, I digress it seems that my thoughts on why there is no sex in narrative games will have to wait till another time. For now the eternal conflict between the mmo and reality. Has playing the video games affected my life, yes. I can’t remember the number of times that I have had the door open and been playing and people have wandered up and asked mockingly about the game. 

Beyond the scathing comments of the uninitiated the games we play have served as an excellent conversation piece. Late night raids on the barrow downs with my roommate (our resident Colin Doberstein) and long conversations about whether neutrality is anything but alternating good and evil actions in equal amounts. (I contend that it isn’t) In essence my point is this I have this, yes, it has taken up time which could have been spent on other things but much less than biology. And I don’t get to be a hobbit in biology.


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