A late post: crazy halloween ruined my mind.

By: Chris Bang

I am not a passionate gamer, though I spent a lot of time playing console games during my high school. However, I think that my experience with LoTRO will have a positive effect in my life.


I would admit that I considered playing LoTRO as an unimportant assignment and tried to do math or Chinese home work, did I have time to play. Unsurprisingly I was way behind the course requirement (my character of LoTRO was level 12 until few weeks ago). However, fall break completely changed my attitude towards LoTRO. Most of my friends were gone and I had nothing to do, so I decided that it was time to play LoTRO. Playing the game I realized that it was a real fun. I was really into the game and played almost 6 or 7 hours a day. I leveled up to 17 and cleared up all the quests in Ered Luin.


We often find our assignments hard and boring, especially when those are not from the field of your interest. However, now we are more responsible for our education and grades and have to do every single assignment we are given. Playing LoTRO, I learned that we can find something enjoyable in assignments that you do not necessarily like or enjoy. I am 100% sure that this will help me in upcoming three and half years of college.


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