By: Lynne M.

Britomart is 5’8″ with long, straight dark brown hair. She isn’t extraordinarily skinny, but she is thin and healthy-looking. She wears a dull silver suit of armor with her hair put up in her helmet when it’s on, but when she’s just walking around, she has her helmet off and under her arm. She would vote for McCain, because she’s a traditional country girl who likes her weapons.

B: Good’ay, kind ma’am. Dost thou have any issues with loue that I may help thou with?

L: Well, yeah. My love is in the far off land of Murfreesboro, in the kingdom of Sir Phillip Bredesen. He is locked up in the art building on the campus of MTSU, held captive by an art professor who is attempting to steal his artistic abilities and use them for evil purposes.

B: Then off we must go so that your loue canst keep his precious skills of art that he obtains by collecting powers from the God aboue and harnessing them for worldly good. We must defend him from the evil professor!

L: Onward!


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