Hi! Bye!

By Chris Bang 13, November

I would say that Britomart is a 17 years old 5’6” long brunette girl. She is in shining red full-plate armor, which is made of dragon bones (why not? It is just a fiction!), a magical helm that can change a voice and carries a long crystal spear, which is unbreakable. She is thin yet well-built (unless she won’t be able to wear her armor). I think she would vote for McCain, because there were no black people in England during her time, so Britomart would just think that Obama is an alien (no one is going to vote for an alien!). I would say that Britomart resembles Jean D’Arc, for she is the only woman warrior I know (I know Mulan too, but the Chinese girl doesn’t wear a full-plate armor).


Chris: Hi, Britomart!

Britomart: Hi and bye!

Chris: Uuhhh…… wait a sec!

Britomart: (Yells with an angry face) talk to me once more and I will smite you!!!!!!!!!!! So, bye!!!


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