Gettin’ down with B-Mart

By Justin “JCov” Covington

I see Britomart, who will be referred to as B-Mart throughout the rest of this post, as a regal woman standing 5’10”. She has a commanding presence. Her skin is of a pale complexion but not ghost white. Her, which is generally held up under her armor and helmet, falls to about her naval. It is wavy and the most vibrant auburn. Her armor is cumberous in its appearance. Its color is silver and gold. The silver is the predominant color with the gold tracing the intricate designs. Although the armor is bulky, B-Mart is sturdy but not brutish. She is well toned with shoulders that could hold up the weight of the world. Her helmet is a closed in model with nosegaur: a full helmet. The predominant color also being silver, with the outline in gold. For the most part her weapon, the mighty spear, appears perfectly ordinary. Save for of course the strange green glow and crystal tipped end.

B-Mart would most definitely support McCain. She is a straight talking, no nonsense Maverick! She would also support his war heroics and strong stance on weapon rights. However, her voting process would most likely be unsuccessful because the sorcery of the Diebold machines would cause her to impale them with her fists of fury.

I would most likely have to compare B-Mart to Joan of Arc. This is because she is a strong woman who would do anything for her values. She is a fighter, yet retains her morality. It is a very powerful, legendary image.

[Sir Justin encounters a powerful looking knight on HIS steed in the forest. The conversation and events that ensue are accurate to the punctuation]

Justin: Sup man, you seen any good looking women around these parts? I haven’t done my knightly duty of tending to a fair maiden in a while. (winks)

B-Mart: What insults ye spit! Prepare to define thine honor!

Justin: HOLY %@#$ that’s a big spear! Hey dude, I was just saying…I mean what?

B-Mart: Let the jousting begin!

[They joust! Justin is impaled into a friggin tree…so much for finding a fair maiden]


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