the time of the DRAGON (green) – late blog

by: Amir Aschner

Three mediums – three handlings of the passage of time.

In the movie The Fellowship of the Ring time passage is the simplest. Simply there isn’t any perceived difference. One moment the characters are going about their lives and the next moment they are sitting and drinking the green dragon. There are no external cues that time has passed at all.

The game does little else however it is different. In LOTRO time is controlled by the gamer. Passage of time in the Green Dragon depends upon how long it takes to run there from another location or however long the gamer wants to spend in the building. There are no guidelines or rules.

The novel is the only medium that takes time into consideration. The text specifies exactly how much time has passed – twelve years. This is completely objective. No question about the time between events or the time spent in the Green Dragon.


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