Team 2: Garden of Adonis

By: Lynne M. and Justin C.

Our assignment is the Garden of Adonis and its many inhabitants, including Venus and assorted other creatures. The garden is circular (thankfully, due to Justin’s hard work) and surrounded by a stone wall.  The Garden of Adonis is the most beautiful place in the world. In saying this, we meticulously made sure that every pixel within the garden contains a colorful flower or plant. The Garden of Adonis is also a place of peaceful serenity. Ensuring this are two gates, one of iron and one of gold. Every living thing, upon creation, is in the Garden. Because of this, there are many creatures, like birds and stags that roam around the garden. The garden is overflowing with large trees and countless flowers. Under the shade upon the hill in the garden, Venus wanders while waiting for her lover to return. There are also elements of water within the garden, including a waterfall.

Also, adding to the peacefulness are the beautiful ambient forest noises and serene soundtrack. We have ensured that when the player dies they are in for a treat! I mean hey, when you are getting pwned by a better player, at least when you die you will be inundated immediately with lag of beauty!

The garden is not in any distinct location within the world of Faerie Queene. It is the place where all life begins and ends.  Therefore, during gameplay if a player character dies, they respawn in the garden and must make their way out of it back into the world.

The Venus NPC took a lot of decision making to create. There are many, many depictions of Venus in various mediums that have been created over the centuries. The model we made her most closely resemble is that of Botticelli. Our Venus has (semi) long blonde hair and is wearing a white robe similar to that which goddesses are typically seen wearing.


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