TEAM 5: Maske of Cupid

By: Dan and Amir

Here is where we will give you the insight into our creative genius (and yes we are very full of ourselves)

Before we speak about our area we will discuss our NPC creation, Glauce. Glauce is Britomart’s squire. My first thought when I heard squire was the guys with the coconuts in the Monty Python movies. So we started with that and tweaked it to make it more appropriate (i.e. Glauce doesn’t carry coconuts). Most of Glauce’s design was left up to imagination so we wanted to give him a grandfatherly/protective image over Britomart, almost like a care-taker but at the same time he is just a commonly squire. So his apparel is very common brown tunic, cloak and pants and he has an older face with white/grey hair. Our only disappointment with him is that our original image of him was a slightly hunched over man carrying a bag on his back. Unfortunately the NWN2 Toolset doesn’t have the image of a bag anywhere and it seems none of their NPCs ever have back problems so we were forced to omit these design characteristics.

Our area was the Maske of Cupid which was ironic for two reasons. One, it’s not actually an area: the Maske was the parade of characters that walked through the tapestry room and since another group already had that room we just made the NPCs to fill their space. Two, although our name is the Maske of Cupid we were unable to create him since he is present in another groups area and it would be odd to have two different images of cupid. So to remedy that the other group has generously agreed to place their blueprint of Cupid behind our Maske as it is described in the Cantos.

The Maske of Cupid is fourteen characters in pairs in the following order: Fancy, Desire, Doubt, Danger, Fear, Hope, Dissemblance, Suspect, Grief, Fury, Displeasure, Pleasance, Despight, Cruelty. Additionally, there were supposed to be minstrels in front of the Maske but since that may have been confusing to people we decided it would be simpler to just put a music sound effect in the room.

All of the characters were made as they are for one of two reasons – either they were described that way by Spenser or they were our image of their quality (often times a little of both). Each character had a description in the Cantos, however, some were more detailed than others. This left us with a lot of creative freedom. We kept true to the descriptions as much as possible and some of the creations are exact (Danger for example is spot on) but others we took a lot of liberties with and effects were especially very subjective. Cruelty for example had almost no details given so we used our imagination and created the image of someone we thought was very cruel. We are highly satisfied with the outcome of all of the characters. GO US.

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