Review of E-Athletes

I was sent a copy of E-Athletes, a movie about Counter Strike players that play for a living…

E-Athletes is a fantastic gaming movie that explains the life of a gamer in a way that even non gamers can understand and relate. The teams are shown as individuals who share a common desire to be the best Counter-Strike players in the world. The film tracks Team 3D from U.S. to a promotional tour in China, where they have numerous dedicated fans. Witty excerpts from their trip reveal nerdy, brilliant men just doing what they love. Team 3D is at first shown to have relatively no competition in the United States, until Complexity arises. Complexity, comprised of champion CS gamers with no team, is seen as 3D’s underdog nemesis. The film tracks numerous competitions, displaying many videos of gameplay but in such a way that it never got boring watching the same crosshair target and kill a tiny man on the screen. The final scenes are of the largest competition yet, the epic battle between Team 3D and Complexity. I will admit that I was disappointed when Complexity beat Team 3D in the end, but I will keep rooting for 3D to come back to the top. Overall, E-Athletes is a great gaming film that tracks two teams on their journey to become the best Counter-Strike team while showing their individual personalities and struggles.