Hot Vampires vs. Vapid Hobbits is A No-Brainer to Me

For someone who isn’t a huge fantasy watcher, or reader (or gamer for that matter), I feel like my outside perspective may be of interest to those who share my common burden. Never having read any of the usual childhood loving novels for my own pleasure, or finding any type of online game or video game remotely interesting, along with finding it almost impossible to stay awake through the extended version of an already ridiculously long movie, might make me sound like such a pessimist. Even so, I’m quite fascinated by how passionate people can be about their games, and books and movies.

To me, a movie is just a movie. Whether or not it lives up to the expectations of the book or not, I could care less, I just want to watch a good movie. Passionate People might argue that Lord of the Rings is by far a better made movie then Twilight, because the book is known for being one of the most epic fantasy stories ever created. But think about it, what would you rather watch; 3 ½ hours of a journey that doesn’t end, or an arousing tale of a vampire fighting for the girl he loves?

Yes, I have to admit the realism of Lord of the Rings is quite breathtaking. The directors really knew what they were doing by making the movie look so real and making sure that every scene sent out just the right message for people to comprehend. And yes, I cannot deny that in Twilight, the shimmery glitter does look pretty awful when Edward Cullen’s character steps into the light. But the Twilight budget for filmmaking was far less then LOTR, and overall it is of nearly the same quality. And why doesn’t anyone complain about Elijah Woods over acting huh?

Who knows whether the movie Twilight lived up the standards of the book or not; they’re making the second movie so it obviously couldn’t have been that bad. A Passionate Person might say that I’m stupid to try and compare a movie/book like Lord of the Rings to a movie/book like Twilight because they are obviously on different rungs of the ladder. However, being the underdog in this class due to my lack of knowledge in books movies or games, I find it appropriate to support the epic love story of Twilight for it’s sexy vampires, blood hungry villains, and its massive appeal of a fantastical world to the younger generation.


3 thoughts on “Hot Vampires vs. Vapid Hobbits is A No-Brainer to Me”

  1. Since Twilight does win my award for “worst non-B movie of all time” (my ex-girlfriend somehow convinced me to go with her), I have to disagree. The main difference between the two was that Lord of the Rings offered some degree of immersion (an incredibly detailed fantasy world), while Twilight more or less just told the tale of a generic high school girl who has a crush on an equally uninteresting guy, where the only twist is that said guy is a vampire. The world is merely our own, and is thus imaginative; even the vampires themselves fail to invoke any sort of wonder/intrigue.

    And in regards to the comparison in the quality of the movies: Do you remember the scene where Edward has to suck the venom out of Bella’s wrist? That was the one part of the movie that truly convinced me that Robert Pattinson just can’t act.

    But then again, I guess he wasn’t casted for his acting…

  2. I can’t find the edit button, so I’ll just write a tiny correction here:

    “The world is merely our own, and is thus UNimaginative…”

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