And then it shut down

“I was going to go to school, but then it shut down, but then it shut down. I was going to turn in my work, but then it shut down but then it shut down. I was going to work on a paper but then…” (to the tune of Because I Got High by Afroman). Technology is about as reliable an aid in the daily tasks of life as cannabis seems to be for Afroman in his quest for productivity. Computer’s are always catching bugs, programs are always malfunctioning, printers are always not printitng, and projectors are always overheating. Technology may at times be a lifesaver because of the conveniences it has provided but it’s reliability is a sorry excuse for convenience if you ask me.

In this day and age, modern technology(in the form of computers, cellhpones, etc.) has become an integral part of life, especially for those of us living in first world countries. It is essential for instant communication, information exchange, and overall heightened convenience. As a whole, modern tehcnology has had a positive impact on the quality of living. But it’s not all smiles when it comes to figuring out how work these new-fangled contraptions. The world is advancing at an incredible speed and it can be hard to keep up with the thousands of technological advances developed each year. This poses a problem for those attempting to live in the technological world. Every new program I learn is outdated within 2-3 years and I’m right back at square one. Every piece of technology has a specific method of operation that must be determined before using it. It takes so long to figure out how to change from the Macintosh operating system to Windows that I feel like I should just give up.This never-ending cycle of learning provides little reward to the victims (example:me) of this new age of accelerated development.

The only solution that I have found to make it through life without throwing my computer out a window (or taking my printer and going office-space on it) is to try to do things at my own pace. The world is creating, evolving, and generating at an alarming rate and if I can’t figure it out now, I can’t wait until ten years from now. Instead of trying to problem-shoot every new program that comes out, I wait, see how useful each program is, and once I have discerned it is worth the time, I sit myself down and slowly learn how to use it. To say that I will be able to simply not rely on technology is to live in the past. I would rather move forward at a cautious pace,keeping in mind that at least I’m putting forth effort and not out getting high.

Aneel Henry

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