Still Waiting…

So I’ve been playing LOTRO. As a gamer who likes to try many aspects of a game before settling into one roll, I played a character throughout the introduction as different races and classes. After doing this a few times, I had one take on the game that overwhelmed all others: It simply wasn’t epic.

Part of this is probably because I am playing on a laptop with a barely adequate gaming system, so all of my sound is jumpy, graphics are lagging, and my senses are simply underwhelmed. But also, the game cannot (and understandably so) compare to book in regards to the dire feel in regards to the quest. In the book, Frodo is carrying the ONE Ring. The ULTIMATE source of Evil. The entire world will COMPLETELY PERISH should he fail.

In the game? You’re… well, I’m not quite sure yet, to be honest. As slow a read as Tolkien can be, he is more successful than this online manifestation of his work in establishing the threat that looms over. A lot of the threat I feel in the game actually comes from having read the book and knowing what’s going on elsewhere, actually. My quest has no real end; it is seemingly chores streaming together that may or may not end up with as much importance as is being hinted.

I’ll continue to play. It’s generally not a boring game, and hopefully the plot will have more draw as I advance. But for right now, I’m still waiting for that one big hook to really get me immersed and make me realize the brevity of the situation.


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