The Uninsigtful Blog Unrelated to the Topic!

LOTRO, LOTRO, LOTRO…where do I begin to discuss the Prologue and Epic Book 1 quest in this game? Oh that’s right! NO WHERE, because I still haven’t been able to downloaded it! So far the process of being in this class with a MacBook has been the biggest pain and frustration of college to date. No one is to blame except for my lack of technological skills along with MacBook’s lack of corporation with Windows computer games. It is absolutely ridiculous.

The way it was once described to me, Windows are like the freeway, and Mac’s are like the toll way. Both are used to get you to the same location in the same amount of time, but only certain people can ride the toll way. And no I don’t mean a certain race or class level is allowed to buy a MacBook, I simply mean that MacBook’s are designed to be more selective and elite. Windows are a more general and basic computer system.

I love my MacBook, probably more than my little brother, but with my luck, of course I ended up in the writing seminar class that only works well for Windows/PC users. This competition between computer systems reminds me of McKenzie Wark and Gamer Theory 2.0. Wark believes that American society today does not work as a team. Everyone is always competing to be bigger and better than everyone else. This is how I see the rival between Windows and Mac to be.

MacBook’s appear to be lighter, thinner, and more aesthetically appealing, where as Windows are bulkier, heavier and user friendly. Though it is all based on matter of opinion as well as what you plan to actually use your computer for. Apparently, Windows works better for computer games. Who knew? I believe Mac’s to be better for using programs such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop because the quality makes the pictures sharper and clearer. Either way, two great computer systems that have been around for such a long time and are constantly developing and changing and growing, what do you think could happen if the two morphed their powers together into a Super Computer from heaven?

Think about it? This would cause peace between the two companies as well as, peace between my MacBook and sanity. I’m pretty sure there is some type of economical problem with this utopian computer world I’m trying to make, but a girl can dream can’t she?

All I’m saying is, once you go Mac, you don’t ever want to go back! Ok, that’s not really what I’m trying to say. I just wish there was something I could do about being able to download LOTRO onto my computer without having to spend an extra $150 and go through the process of downloading a hundred different things onto my hard drive before I can get it all up and running smoothly. It’s frustrating and I needed some place to vent.

I find the world created and written by Tolkien to be ethereal, magical, imaginative, original, ingenious and inspiring. But without having downloaded or played Lord of The Rings Online yet, I’m afraid my insight about how the two compare will not be too helpful.



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