The Questions Continue: Can A Game Be Art?

Can a dolphin swim in water? Of course it can. Can a game be art? Of course it can. There is more to art than using paintbrushes and charcoal; there is a huge spectrum of how art can be expressed, from drawing, to writing, to designing, to cooking, to applying make-up, to even sex! You get the picture. The definition of what a word means should never limit someone from being able to express him or herself. Art is about using your imagination, creativity, and most of the time you also need talent.

In a game, designers defiantly have to use their talents, creativity and imagination, because nine times out of ten, they are creating a world no one has ever seen before, and have to come up with new and exciting ways to appeal to their audience. If every game out there had the same setting, the same types of guns, and only one character to choose from, what would be fun about that? Game designers today have joined forces in creating the most compelling, and realistic, game experience there can possibly be, and they do a damn good job at it too.

The story line, the details, the graphics, the color scheme, the flexibility to go where you want in the gamespace, all of these are artistic examples of what a game entails (plus many more things I am sure). Without these artistic elements there wouldn’t be anything fun about a game.

When you look at a piece of artwork you like to feel engaged by what you see at and interested. The same idea applies to a game. Sure back in the day games hardly had any intense graphics are amazing plots, but life was also a lot simpler back then. With the way technology has progressed over the years, some day soon there will be game systems you can set up in your living room that you can three-dimensionally play; how cool does that sound? And the three-dimensional setting will never have a one-dimensional concept. It will be insightful, interactive, and unique to any other type of game out there.

Gaming in itself can also be a form of art! Sure it’s for a bunch of nerds but who’s to say they don’t have the talent to move their thumbs at the speed of light, or shoot 300 bullets in less than a minute? The beauty of a game is you never know what high score your going to get or how many levels your going to pass in one night. The idea of playing a game is doing it for fun, but to analyze a game for its graphics and artistic concepts, well that in it self is a different art as well. But the over all answer to all of our questions is: YES, of course it can be art!



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