Why Isn’t This Fun?

Matt Almeida

While playing LOTRO I often found myself wondering, “Why am I not having fun?”.  Usually when I play games, I play them to have fun. After all isn’t that the point of games? Games should entertain and provide enjoyment but LOTRO does neither of these things for me. I apologize to all the LOTRO lovers out there but I simply do not like the game. Perhaps it is because I was playing the game for class rather than for enjoyment or maybe it is because I am just not a fan of MMORPGs. It might also be because LOTRO just isn’t that great of a game in my opinion. A combination of all these things has made me thoroughly not enjoy my experiences with LOTRO.

                First of all, I did not choose to play LOTRO. I did it simply because it was a necessary part of class. From the start I think I had a negative outlook on playing the game simply because it was not something I wanted to be doing. When people are reading a book someone often will ask how it is and for what purpose you are reading it. Someone might ask if you are reading for pleasure or for school or work. Often times we are forced to read a text book or a book of some sort that we may not enjoy. We read these because we need to for various reasons, not necessarily because we want to although sometimes these readings can be enjoyable. Often times however they may not be. Similarly, I played LOTRO for school, not for pleasure. I viewed it as having to play to level up my character for class, not for my own enjoyment. I felt like I was being forced to do something. I played the game and did all that was necessary and nothing more.

                 I didn’t really enjoy the game much at all and this might simply be because LOTRO isn’t that great of a game, at least in my opinion it isn’t. I feel that it is just a game with concepts and ideas stolen from a book. It is nothing unique and is not that fun to play. I feel it can become tedious and boring, as it provides very little enjoyment for me. I know there are many devout fans out so perhaps this is just because I am not an MMORPG fan. I have never been much of a fan of this type of  game and I have never found much enjoyment in them. I played WoW for a short period of time and never really  liked it that much either. After playing the free trial I never bothered to play any further.  These two games compose my MMORPG experience but both were very similar. I played both briefly and don’t intend to play either in the future.

                Games like LOTRO just don’t provide the same enjoyment and entertainment that other types of games do. LOTRO and others similar to it require lots of time and patience to play. They have an elaborate story that takes a long time to develop. One must play for a very long time to develop their character and master the game. These games are not for me. I want immediate satisfaction as this provides the most entertainment for me. I much prefer first person shooters and games which I can be good at because of skill, not because of the time I put in. Although many of these games take time to become good at, they are skill based. One can develop skills quickly or their skills may carry over from similar games. Even if someone is skilled at LOTRO, it takes a while to develop a character in the game. Games that are more immediate provide much more satisfaction. These are the kind of games I play for pleasure rather than LOTRO which I have been playing for work.

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