Team V – Merlin’s Cave

Matt Thumser & Jake Karlsruher

Canto 1, Stanza 67. Canto 2, Stanzas 6-8.

You are riding your noble steed at a slow, comfortable pace through Castle Joyeous plain. It is 3 o’clock on a sunny day. A long journey lies ahead. Your companion, The Redcrosse Knight, rides by your side. Redcrosse strikes up a conversation. “What uncouth wind, brought you into these parts?” And so, as is such for all good road trips, a story is told of a time long past. Tell Redcrosse your reasons for being here. OR Tell Redcrosse to mindeth thou business. You grow pensive. The memory plays in your head. *Transport to Entrance of Merlin’s Cave*

You walk into the cave, and the smell of sea water is pungent.  You hear the waves crashing on the water and the screeching of large sea birds. The ground is damp but as you get further in it gets less damp, and becomes a rocky, unsettled floor. Visibility in the cave is about 10 feet.  You walk further in and stumble over a low stalagmite.  From then on you are careful with your steps.  Unable to see, you warily run your hand along the cave wall.  It is cold to the touch, yet oddly smooth.  Too smooth.  Some magickal Science is at work.  You glance right, and suddenly become very nervous.  On the ground you see a cyclops skeleton.  Behind him is a large boulder and 3 heavy spears.

You’re overcome by fear.  Nearly shaking now, you step further in.  The eerie silence chills your bones.  Suddenly from the rear of the cave you hear a banshee-like scream.  From your left you see a single pathetic creature, a feende, limping towards you, slowly.  He appears to be injured.  He clutches his right leg.  This feende, is helpless, almost cute. You extend your hand, you want to help him.  With cheetah-like reflexes he snatches your wrist and tries to bite you. You draw your sword and strike down the feende.  A horde of feendes consumed by anger appears from all sides screaming with ear-splitting ferocity.  You were prepared for battle and proceed to slay all of them.  With the feendes slain, you continue to wander into the impenetrable darkness. You hear the screeching of bats and the flapping of wings. Occasionally, a streak of black flies in front of your face.  Luckily, the bats aren’t hostile.

After a few paces the ground begins to shake.  Suddenly, everything is illuminated.  The source of the light is unknown. Stalactites begin to fall from the cave roof.  You must dodge the falling stalactites to survive. Out of breath, you stumble into a well furninshed den.  The surrealism of it all makes you question your sanity . A warm fire burns in the fireplace. Merlin’s mirror is the centerpiece of the room. It is gilded, and hangs from the ceiling on the back wall. You’re not crazy. You’re in Merlin’s cave.

The sight of the wrinkled old man is in sharp contrast to the dangers you faced before. Startled into a loss for words, you forget the very reason you entered the cave.

You’re in Merlin’s Cave to discover the identity of your true love. Are you up to the challenge?


1. Enter the cave.

2. You are attacked by feendes. You must fight each of them of, killing them all.

3. Follow the cave into a narrow tunnel. Stalactites fall from the ceiling, dodge each of them.

4. Speak with Merlin. You must convince him to show you your true love. Your love’s face will appear in the mirror.

5. Upon completion of this quest, you will be transported back into the Castle Joyeous Plain, from which you came.


Merlin: Very old, kindly man. If he were a human, he’d look to be in his eighties. Very long white beard, drapes down him in a two pronged fashion. He controls his mirror, and holds the secret to your true love.

Merlin looks like this, but with a blue robe.

Feendes: Wretched looking creatures. Like, mutated humans. They look to kill you upon seeing you.

Feendes look similar to this.


The player nervously enters Merlin’s study…

M: Sit, Sit, please sit. I’ve been expecting you.

P: Facial expression grows obviously nervous: You have?

M: Of course, of course, how may I be of service?

P: It’s… I feel as if my heart is empty.

M: Ah, so it’s love you seek. A common affliction, but not so commonly healed.

P: This, I’ve come to realize… is there anyone out there for me?

M: The path to truth, requires abilites many would deem unnatural. If it is knowledge you seek, be forewarned: the truth may be not what you desire. Answering one query may only lead to another.

OPTIONS: ask for the truth OR bid Merlin adieu

P: Please, Merlin, I truly desire to know the truth.

M: Then come my dear, to the Mirror of Merlin. Your future awaits…

Merlin conducts a spell, a beautiful face appears in the mirror. The player becomes awestruck.

P: Gasps Why… who is this man?

M: It is Arthegall, the gallant knight.

P: I must know more. Who is he? Where can I find him?

M: I can tell you no more. Your quest is yours, and your alone.

Character is transported to Castle Joyeous Plain


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