OK, so maybe I shouldn’t play for 8 hours straight

Ever since I was a little kid my parents have taught me that if you want something you have to work hard for it and just buy it yourself.  Consequently, I found myself saving my money at all times just waiting for something to come along that I truly wanted.  When I was about 7, my older brother and I decided that we could no longer live without an N64.  Can you blame us?  Lets be honest, it’s still to this day the greatest gaming console ever produced.  This point marked the beginning of what would become years and years of disapproval from my parents, who do not and never will recognize where the fun lies in playing a video game.

Let me point out that I really do not spend a lot of time playing videos games.  My friends attitude towards gaming is fairly similar as well.  We’ll play a few games of FIFA or Call of Duty from time to time, but never find ourselves in front of the screen for hours on end.  In addition, I’ve never been much of an online PC gamer for the sole reason that it terrifies me.  I am positive that if I sat down and played World of Warcraft for an hour, I would become so addicted that by the time I realized what I was doing I would have thrown away about a month of my life playing the game.

The worst part about sitting down to play a video game for me is that every time one of my parents walks by they give me the slightest glance of disapproval.  I know they’re not trying to be condescending, but it’s clear to me that they would rather see me doing a whole host of other things that don’t involve sitting in front of a TV.

Things could be a lot worse.  I could be holed up in my room for hours on end, severing contact with the outside world because I’m so engrossed in a video game.  Sometimes it’s tempting to try and beat the entire Assassin’s Creed game as soon as it comes out, no matter how long it would take.  Then I remember that the game will always be there for me to complete later.  Perhaps my parents’s attitude about gaming is rubbing off on me slightly.  Don’t get me wrong, I think they are incredibly fun to play, but I also realize that there are often more important things that I could be spending my time doing.  I’m not sure why my parents can’t see the entertainment value in video games, but honestly I don’t really care.  In the end, it’s not other’s attitudes towards gaming that you have to worry about…just yours.  But remember, please be moderate.


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