A Whole New World.

My favorite game of all time?  Not an easy choice.  My current favorite, FIFA, immediately came to mind.  There are not many better feelings than curling a free kick past your opponent’s goalkeeper and then doing a backflip in front of thousands of screaming fans to celebrate.  The added satisfaction of playing against one of your friends and beating them while talking trash the entire game is hard to beat.

However, as awesome as it is to relive my glory days as a 3rd grader dominating my AYSO league, one game stands above the rest when considering what game is truly my favorite.  Two words: Pokemon Red.  I cannot even remember how many times I have made it all the way to the end and beaten the Elite Four, and it is still just as gratifying as it was the first time.  As a trainer I felt deeply connected to my Pokemon, and each battle we won brought us closer together.  I will never forget my very first Pokemon, a precocious little fire-breather named Charmander.  We went through so much together: our first battle, our first badge, and eventually we became champions.

Not only did the companionship provided by the game hold me captive but also the sense of accomplishment I felt as I earned each of the eight badges truly enthralled me.  The badges made me stand out among all the trainers as someone to be both feared and respected.  Paired with the high levels of my Pokemon, those badges gave me a sense of power and importance that I had never felt before in any other game.  With the guidance of the trustworthy Professor Oak I quickly filled up my Pokedex, capturing every Pokemon that crossed my path.  I even managed to catch the legendary birds of Kanto, Moltres, Zapdos, and Atricuno, which only fueled my addiction.

No game has ever captured my attention quite like Pokemon has.  Although many different versions have been made, RED has been and always will be my favorite, as it introduced to the wonderful world of Pokemon.  The fantasy world filled with hundreds of exciting new animals paired with the captivating series of challenges make the game what it is for me to this day, my favorite game of all time.

George de Roziere

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