The Best Game Ever Made

When I heard that I was to choose my favorite game and write about it, I immediately knew which game I wanted to write about. That game is NBA 2K11 for the Xbox 360 game console. For me, no other game can compare to the enjoyment I experience from playing this game.

As an avid basketball fan, this game immediately appeals to my desire to always be either playing or watching the sport. Nothing can be more enjoyable for a basketball fan than to play alongside his or her favorite players and feel immersed within the game. In addition, the game constantly updates real stats, trades, and other items, making the player feel as if he or she were actually part of the league.

From a more technical standpoint, the game is very enjoyable as its controls are relatively simple to understand. However, the simple controls also allow for a large amount of variations on the game. Thus, the player feels in complete control of the players on the court, controlling their every motion with relative ease. The challenge arises within the strategies, plays, and jukes that control the real game of basketball. All of these seemingly unimportant game mechanics, however, prove to be extremely vital to the game, as they combine to create an easy to use system of controls while still maintaining a challenging atmosphere.

To be more specific, although I absolutely enjoy every part of the game, I enjoy a specific mode of play more than any other in the game. This mode of play is referred to as My Player Mode. In this mode, the user creates a player, possibly in their likeness, and progresses through the draft and consequent preseason until he or she reaches the regular season. In this mode, the player only can control this single player, unlike in the other modes of play. Furthermore, the player comes with a low skill set that the user must improve upon by utilizing earned currency. I believe I enjoy this mode more than any other mode of play as it imitates real life play most closely. In other words, it immerses the player in the game, making the player feels as if he or she was on the court with the pros. In addition, the player is forced to react to others’ actions in the game, as the player has no control over any other player. One has to run plays and act instinctively just as one would have to do on a real court.

Furthermore, the game contains many mechanics that allow the user to more thoroughly enjoy the game. For instance, it is rife with impressive dribble moves, high-flying dunks, and players going hard in the paint. All of these reasons I have listed still, however, can’t fully demonstrate how enjoyable of a game NBA 2K11 is.  Simply put, playing the game is an amazing experience that hasn’t been rivaled by any other game I have ever played before.


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