Welcome to the creed

I have always had an interest in history. I often dream of a time portal which would take me back to various eras to explore them and to see in person that which i have read in my textbooks. Unfortunately, i have not found this portal…yet. But this has not impeded me from continuing to explore the past. My favorite time period has always been the  medieval ages because of the legendary stories of King Arthur and of other noble knights. When i first saw a commercial for Assassins Creed my heart skipped with excitement for this was my first opportunity to experience this era through the medium of a video game. The game was everything i desired and more. I traveled ancient lands in search of evil templars who i would eventually slay with my hidden pocket blade. Before I would sneak up on the villains i would scale buildings and would explore the old cities which used to be epicenters in our real world. the graphics were unbelievable and the progressive dialogue made my quests to defeat the nefarious templars all the more important in my daily schedule.

What I also liked about this game was the aspect of the story line that the main character’s mind was traveling back in time whereas his body stayed put in the year 2012. This part of the narrative intrigued me because it reminded me of my own search for a portal to travel time which, again unfortunately, has been largely unsuccessful. The idea was very innovative and no matter how many people i slaughtered the game never seemed to be repetitive large in part due to the other aspects of the game that kept it entertaining. In the game, the main character completes other tasks such as pickpocketing, and discovering hidden objects scattered throughout the land. In  Assassins Creed 2 the game takes place in ancient Italy where the character has frequent interactions with Leonardo Da Vinci and members of the Medici family. This historical fiction made the gameplay so much more enjoyable because I actually had a sense of communication with very prominent members of our human civilization.

I owe Assassins Creed for its fantastic gameplay and even better story. This game allowed me to explore history and kept alive my hope that one day we might be able to explore these eras with our own eyes.



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