To Go Hard, or Not to Go Hard.


“Hey man, what’re you doing?”


“cnt talk gaming”

This is a typical conversation when I’m gaming.


“Hey man, what’re you doing?”


“Haha just playing some COD.  Gotta love the ballistic knives!”

This is a typical conversation when I’m playing.

The two are vastly different, and for me, there’s no comparison. The best way to relay this to you, however, is to paint a picture.


                The coffee table has been pushed back.  The big leather chair from the corner has been positioned in the perfect position, about 10 feet back from the big screen.  The lights are turned off, the blackout shades are down.  My parents know not to talk to me, and the sound is turned up to glass-shaking levels.  I stretch out my neck, flex my fingers, and pop my Bluetooth mic into my ear.  The gentle orchestral hum of strings sounds out as I fire up the PS3, and I instantly load up Call of Duty: Black Ops.  I impatiently mash the buttons, skipping the intro cinematic.  I jump immediately into the online lobby.  After a thorough check of my settings, I head over to the load-out page.  My best class is still there, Famas with Arctic camo, Red Dot sight, and all the perks are in place.  I choose Hardcore Team Deathmatch and spend the next few hours barking instructions to my teammates, resisting the urge to throw my controller, and coming out on top of the leaderboards.


                I’m lounging on the couch, the sun is shining, the backdoor is open, and there is some nice, relaxing music on the stereo.  I turn on the PS3 and flip through my game collection.  “COD could be fun,” I think, and the disk is soon spinning away in the drive.  I have a nice conversation with my mom as the game loads, and eventually turn back to the TV and hop into online.  I load up my favorite class: sniper rifle with bright orange “camo,” ballistic knives as the secondary.  I set the game mode on random and pop in my mic.  “What’s up guys? Good luck.”  The game begins and I start running around the map, only using my knife.  I’m laughing, talking to my teammates, and my blood pressure is nice and low.  After a few games of screwing around, I’ll back out and join a new game mode.  I don’t get the best scores, but it’s so much fun.

                Sometimes you want to just have a chill time, just forget about your problems, and that’s great.  Sometimes, you want to kick some butt.  And that’s perfectly fine too.  I love to game, but I love to play just as much.  Remember, it’s just a game.  …Most of the time.

-Deathly Hallowed

One thought on “To Go Hard, or Not to Go Hard.”

  1. I understand exactly what you mean. What you said really applies to Guitar Hero in my case. If I’m playing, then I’ll play on any TV in any chair with any guitar controller with whoever. When I’m gaming on Guitar Hero, I use my (old) standard definition TV (no latency), sitting in a chair with no arms, and using my Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar. I’m usually alone when I game on Guitar Hero, sitting my room with the lights off and the fan on, playing the same song or two over and over again trying to get a new high score. Long story short, I know what your saying.

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