Leave the reading to me

Sharp Dracula fangs in coordination with a patented Bruce Banner shirt rip is enough to give any little kid nightmares for weeks. The eruption of Edward Hyde onto the seen made me pee my bed for three nights straight. The monstrous ape figure, who is suspending a legendary detective with the might of his grip, not only shocks the reader but also horrifies them. The wide open mouth and the cap-locked spelling of “Edward” makes the reader’s eardrums ring as they quickly go to the next panel to try and leave the massive beast they just saw.

All of us have had that moment. When the door is closed, the lights are off, and the room is silent except for the shuffling of feet. Your eyes dilate and your hearts starts beating outside of your chest for fear of the unknown that lurks behind closed doors. You count up to three in your head then with a deep breath you throw the door open and examine the contents of the room. Alan Moore feeds off of this anticipation with this monstrous exposition of the horrific possibility that it is indeed a monster behind the door.

The finely detailed panels make every movement fraught with life as we have to piece together what happens in between pictures. We do not see Mr. Hyde walking to the door before destroying it but we can easily imagine the sequence of events previous to this panel. Graphic novels are interesting because it leaves most of the work to the reader to use their imagination to fill in the gaps between panels. However, the details that play on various emotions and senses such as this picture makes it possible and fun to do so.



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