Time and Again

Inspired by H.G Wells,The Time Machine

Forget the geometry you learned in 10th grade. A point has one dimension, a line two, and a cube three because it contains within it length, width and thickness. Thus we say, the cube exists three dimensionally. But what if the cube had all three dimensions but lacked duration, it would no longer exist now would it? Therefore, there must exist a fourth dimension; a dimension that we call time and wherein all of us travel at an equal velocity (both speed and direction) forward. One day we shall be able to illustrate this fourth dimension in three, just as we have been able to illustrate three-dimensional cubes on two-dimensional paper; we must only master the perspective of it.

The question is not whether this dimension exists or whether we can represent it, but rather whether or not we will be able to change the speed and direction that we travel within it. At one point, we humans were only able to travel laterally, forward, back and down, but we have manipulated our world in order to be able to also travel up, and even “out”, in to the cosmos. One day we will be able to master this fourth dimension as well.

The next question becomes whether this pursuit is noble, or destructive. Will it promote order or entropy? I only need look into my life to answer these questions. There was a person in my life that I shall refer to as “Morning”. She said and did some things to me I know she wishes she could take back, and I the same to her. More so even than the regrets, I would give most anything to travel back in time and re-live some of those moments we shared.

But if those things we said could be taken back, and those events relived, how could we have made up and learned? How could we live and appreciate each moment for what it was worth without worrying about visiting it again tomorrow?

Yes, time as a dimension exists, and yes, one day one of you readers will discover how to travel through it. Don’t. Though you might not know it, there are those who have, and have regretted it, and others who went back in time to prevent the discovery from ever happening again- again and again. That you are reading this means that you are lucky enough to be living in a continuum that has yet to be interrupted by time travel and we should keep it that way. Because we are humans and can only learn from our mistakes.  To travel back and relive the wonderful times with “Morning” and remember what I no longer have, and then travel back not so far and take back all the hurtful things that I said and win her back, would be to live a lie. If it is meant to be, it will be, and to tamper with it would be using science to make fiction.

– Kinetix.


Of Nether Rays and Infernals

When I heard the blog topic for this week, my mind jumped in excitement at all the possibilities. However, this elated feeling quickly evaporated once I realized how difficult the choice would be for me, making me carefully consider the pros and cons of all of my top choices. Eventually, I decided upon my final choice, the world of World of Warcraft.

To begin, I choose this world partially because of my persistent fascination with medieval-style combat, weaponry, and magic.  To live in world that contains all of these features and relies heavily upon them would be extremely exciting and consistently interesting.  In addition, I would enjoy practicing combat skills all day long, attempting to get stronger and better each day.

However, I mainly choose this world for another reason. The world is constantly in peril from nefarious forces such as dragons, the undead, and a legion of infernal monsters. Even though this may not seem to be a very appealing world to live in, I believe that the inherent danger in the world makes it all the more appealing to me. To elaborate, the inherent danger would create a strong sense of purpose and appreciation for life, something I believe has been somewhat lost in modern society. Everything one would do in this world could affect the fate of the entirety of the world, giving true meaning to this life. Moreover, fighting against the evil legions assists the citizens of the world, bettering their lives and making their world a safer place. This sense of duty and helping others would be very rewarding, especially because one would be saving their lives rather than simply helping them.

On a lighter note, it would also be extremely fun to be able to fly on giant, winged creatures like the dragons and nether rays available in this world.  Although we can fly on airplanes in our world, it wouldn’t even compare with the thrill of flying on a colossal beast barreling through uncharted lands. Speaking of uncharted lands, this world is filled with dangerous, beautiful, and widely varying landscapes that contain a plethora of interesting creatures. If I were able to explore these regions in my own body, I doubt much could compare to the thrill of finding new and exciting places everywhere I went.

Last, the ability to become a craftsman in a variety of magical trades appeals to me greatly. I wish I had the ability to enchant an item to make someone stronger, or craft potions at a whim that would help others succeed at difficult tasks.  If only this were possible, I would choose to live in this magical world in a heartbeat.


A Day in the Life: Deus Ex

iPhone vs Android. PC vs Mac. Coke vs Pepsi. Xbox vs PS3. McDonald’s vs Burger King. Pizza Hut vs Domino’s.

Already we live in a world dominated by brands. We support the products we love just as we advocate the politics we agree with. The corporations that make these products have gross incomes that rival national governments. It is no stretch to imagine a corporation which exerts power the same way a government does: there have already been such companies. Usually these are broken up by federal antitrusts, but why? These corporations take care of us just like governments do: we are their precious customers, their loyal citizens.

The meat of Deus Ex seems to be in its bioaugmentation: this is much of the ethical dilemma the game wants the player to confront. However, there are many more underlying themes. A fascinating one is the direction of capitalism.

In Deus EX corporations exert an unbelievable amount of control over the world. As corporations grew in power governments became weaker. Unable to resist the monetary influence of corporations, governments slowly ceded power to the largest ones until they gradually began to dominate the lives of citizens more than the governments did. People lived in corporation-built homes, used corporation-built tools, and worked at corporate jobs. People became attached to corporations just as we currently are to governments.

This is the world I would want to live in. Sure, bioaugmentation would be awesome, but the majority of average citizens don’t have access to the cool ones. The ethics of the situation, though interesting to consider, would probably be dull to live through: just like with the major issues of our time, the average citizen’s opinion does not really matter. But to live in a corporate world, now that would be fantastic. It’s hard to imagine one corporation taking care of all your needs, from housing to eating to entertainment and occupation, but I would love to experience a world like that. Not because it would be better, but because there is a sort of magic to corporations that is currently limited by their scope. Mac vs PC can be pretty intense and bitter, but what if we lived in Apple or Windows homes and ate iFood or FoodXP? Now that I have to see live.


Ready or not…

To be honest, this isn’t my first choice (Harry Potter) or even my second (Pokemon), nor is it even something I would choice at all.  But it would be interesting, that’s for sure.

I like zombies.  My friends and I, back home, knew exactly what we would do in case of a zombie apocalypse.  Ian would drive to my house in his pick-up truck, bringing various supplies including his machete.  Michael would do the same, zipping down the less popular (and thus less travelled) back roads with his Louisville Slugger. We meet up, I get Ian’s machete in addition to my own, and he takes my hand axe.  Michael and I hop in my car (2002 coupe Audi TT, outfitted for the track), and Ian takes the lead, blasting any zombies out of our way in his truck, again, down a pre-chosen route of back roads.  We head north, picking up Ronnie on the way, who has taken advantage of the extra time and isolation (he lives in the middle of nowhere, relative to us) to pack more substantially.  He has his 8 person tent, impressive first aid kit, and many other essentials all in three separate piles, ready for our backpacks, his own already packed.  He too will have his bat ready and will be on the roof, looking for our approach and acting as lookout as Ian, Michael and I pack and go over our mental checklists, insuring nothing is forgotten.  Michael now joins Ian in the truck and Ronnie and I follow in the TT as our little caravan makes its way north, a list of survival stores as our targets.  Depending on what our radios tell us, we make our next move.  If the situation seems to be under control (or as under control as a zombie apocalypse can be), or appears to have an end in the very near future, we hole up at the first store on our list that hasn’t been looted and is zombie free.  If things appear grim, we gather as many supplies (guns, ammo, outdoor living supplies) as we can, we head north, and we don’t stop.

Think we’ve put too much time and thought into this? We probably have.  The odds of a zombie apocalypse are astronomical.  And we don’t anticipate one.  It’s just fun.  That’s why I’m choosing the world of Left 4 Dead.  If there’s going to be a zombie apocalypse, we better pray for slow zombies.  Smart zombies?  Fast ones?  No thank you.  And again, I wouldn’t willingly walk into a world where I’m almost certainly going to be torn limb from limb and devoured, where nearly everyone I ever knew is dead, but it’s interesting to me.

And if the zombies do come?  I’ll be ready.

Deathly Hallowed

He clearly didn't have a plan...

Spartan 004, report for duty.

Everyone knows the place to be is somewhere like Reach. Imaging walking around in your two ton slab of steel riddled with the most advanced technology known to human-kind. No damage, no fear. Everything about that life sounds appealing. Imagine the adrenaline filled battles and the victorious triumph of slaying hordes of aliens. This life is particularly appealing to me because I grew up in a family that values honor. Come on, who wouldn’t want to carry have the strength and speed of a spartan tearing into Elites? Not only that, but you are feared by the enemy and revered by your fellow comrades. Of course there would be the threat of danger everywhere you went, but what’s life without a little bit of uncertainty? The top secret missions and access to top notch military technology. 

This live action teaser trailer was definitely the most epic thing that I have ever seen for a videogame. If the actual story and world of Halo hadn’t enticed me enough, this trailer definitely launched it higher. Living in the Halo universe could quite possibly be the greatest thing ever, provided it were possible. Who knows? Maybe the future holds a similar outcome for my own wishes.


Catch Em All

While some of you may “hit yourself in your own confusion” (Pokemon joke you may not get it) as to why I am not choosing Azeroth, World of Warcraft’s expansive world where I have spent over 150 days of play time, as the one I would most like to live in, I can promise you that my reasoning and desire to live in the Pokeworld is well thought out.


Pokemon is a world of color, companionship and complex simplicity. When beginning on my journey I am given a choice of three companions with whom I will share a “life-long” bond with, and go on dozen of exciting adventures. The relationships developed with your pokemon are similar to those one would have with a pet, except these pets live in balls with their own maintenance free litter boxes, have complex personalities, can speak (one word- their names) and last but not least take you to the depths of the oceans, fly you around the world and shoot fire balls from their mouths at your enemies,. As you grow, and move further away from home, you almost develop a new family with your Pokemon, as they also get stronger and evolve in to the post pubescent versions of themselves.


Furthermore, having a variety of Pokémon allows me to have mastery over dozens of different elements and terrains whereas in other fantasy worlds, people are restricted to a certain class or specialty. Pokemon promotes the strategy of diversification, in order to best combat the opponents poke line up.


I used the word “opponent” and not enemy purposefully, because unlike Azeroth the world is not on the verge of cataclysm every month with every new patch. As Pokemon trainer, it is my responsibility if and only if I take it upon myself, to be the best Pokemon trainer I can be and to defeat all of the other best Pokemon trainers, kind of like a sport. Azeroth is a dark, dangerous, volatile place, and even within capital cities one is never totally safe. People can share relationships with pokemon without having to be competitive or violent at all. The lush and densely inhabited Pokeworld is almost idealistic in its lack of hierarchy, its distribution of responsibility and its primary mode of transportation being bicycles.  Plus- who wouldn’t go for totally free, efficient and effective healthcare at every local Pokecenter?


While I would obviously be very competitive and strive to be the best trainer in the world (- be that guy who challenges every trainer on the road J) I wouldn’t have to do it to save the world, and my responsibility would be to my pokemon and myself not to the world at large. I would experience dozens of fruitful relationships and grow as an individual in strength and maturity. Pokemon- Gotta catchem all.


–       Kinetix


P.S Ash Ketchum’s hat is swaggy as hell



The world of Hyrule

Let me start this off by asking: What is the greatest video game ever made?  Broad question, open to many opinions I realize.  By now you’re probably wondering what I think the answer to this question is, (no I’m not going to pick Assassin’s Creed).  The greatest game ever made is: “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”, created for the greatest gaming console man has ever known: the N64.  Now that you know my answer, I will begin to explain why I would want to live in Hyrule (where the game takes place).

This game totally engulfed my life when I was around 7 years old.  I was fascinated by the overpowering good vs. evil themes that the game employed, as well as the simple (and mostly happy) life that the ordinary people lived in their villages.  There are many creatures that live throughout Hyrule including the Gorons an the Zoras.  They are both awesome.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind being either one of these creatures.  The Gorons have massive amounts of strength and seem virtually indestructible, while the Zoras can breath under water.














Sure there’s an evil king (Ganondorf) who rules over the land, but if I lived there I wouldn’t be worried at all.  I could devote my time to aiding Link in his quest to banish the evil that resides over Hyrule, or sit back and watch him do it anyways.  Good always wins over evil, (at least that’s what I thought when I was 7).