Catch Em All

While some of you may “hit yourself in your own confusion” (Pokemon joke you may not get it) as to why I am not choosing Azeroth, World of Warcraft’s expansive world where I have spent over 150 days of play time, as the one I would most like to live in, I can promise you that my reasoning and desire to live in the Pokeworld is well thought out.


Pokemon is a world of color, companionship and complex simplicity. When beginning on my journey I am given a choice of three companions with whom I will share a “life-long” bond with, and go on dozen of exciting adventures. The relationships developed with your pokemon are similar to those one would have with a pet, except these pets live in balls with their own maintenance free litter boxes, have complex personalities, can speak (one word- their names) and last but not least take you to the depths of the oceans, fly you around the world and shoot fire balls from their mouths at your enemies,. As you grow, and move further away from home, you almost develop a new family with your Pokemon, as they also get stronger and evolve in to the post pubescent versions of themselves.


Furthermore, having a variety of Pokémon allows me to have mastery over dozens of different elements and terrains whereas in other fantasy worlds, people are restricted to a certain class or specialty. Pokemon promotes the strategy of diversification, in order to best combat the opponents poke line up.


I used the word “opponent” and not enemy purposefully, because unlike Azeroth the world is not on the verge of cataclysm every month with every new patch. As Pokemon trainer, it is my responsibility if and only if I take it upon myself, to be the best Pokemon trainer I can be and to defeat all of the other best Pokemon trainers, kind of like a sport. Azeroth is a dark, dangerous, volatile place, and even within capital cities one is never totally safe. People can share relationships with pokemon without having to be competitive or violent at all. The lush and densely inhabited Pokeworld is almost idealistic in its lack of hierarchy, its distribution of responsibility and its primary mode of transportation being bicycles.  Plus- who wouldn’t go for totally free, efficient and effective healthcare at every local Pokecenter?


While I would obviously be very competitive and strive to be the best trainer in the world (- be that guy who challenges every trainer on the road J) I wouldn’t have to do it to save the world, and my responsibility would be to my pokemon and myself not to the world at large. I would experience dozens of fruitful relationships and grow as an individual in strength and maturity. Pokemon- Gotta catchem all.


–       Kinetix


P.S Ash Ketchum’s hat is swaggy as hell




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