Living in a Galaxy far far away

Sometimes, despite all the technology we have in today’s advanced society, one might yearn for more. It’s human nature, to want what you can’t have; thus, I think if I had to choose a fictional world in which to live, I’d choose the world of Star Wars. Sure, Facebook and smartphones are nice, but they pale in comparison to starships and bacta tanks, not to mention lightsabers and blasters.

More than just being able to “live in space”, I’d be able to fly around wherever I felt like and explore planets in a starship. If I was feeling like gambling, I’d head to Mos Eisley on Tatooine; if I felt like taking a vacation, I could head to the city of Theed on Naboo. Just the ability to go to these various places in the blink of an eye is tantalizing, and the possibilities for success are endless.

The obvious jump when one talks about living in the world of Star Wars is to become a Jedi; of course, that would be great, but even if I couldn’t do that, I could become a smuggler or bounty hunter. Sure, there are other professions, (I even could potentially take sides in the war between the Empire and the Rebellion) but hunting down bounties or smuggling spice throughout the galaxy would both also be awesome and fulfilling, adding to the amazing appeal of the Star Wars universe.


-Spencer Smith


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