Braid: Let the Games Begin

So as many of you will soon find, I am not much of a true gamer at all… I am absolutely horrible with video games.  That being said though, I really liked playing Braid (once I figured out how to use it thanks to the lovely Shao-Yu Chen for helping me out today).  I said I wasn’t a true gamer because I never played any of the cool multiplayer online games growing up.  However, I loved any Mario game that ever hit the shelves.  I lived on my nintendo DS and game cube, playing my sisters in a round of Mario Party 5.  It was awesome.  I think (as many have said before me on this blog already) that I liked Braid because of the similar qualities it has to the Mario games, specifically Super Mario Bros.  Jumping on the little guys, avoiding the fire balls (although more like fire beams in Super Mario Bros), completing worlds, and chasing a princess are all commonalities between these two games.  However, Braid has a huge twist to it by being able to rewind time.  Not only does rewinding time keep you alive in the game, it actually is necessary for some of the levels to be completed accurately.  For instance, in the scene (I think it was in World 3) where he is trying to kill the monster (Bowser look alike) by dropping the chandeliers, you had to use the rewind to put the chandelier back together for the next try.  However, I think the coolest aspect of this manipulation of time was that some of the game mechanics were immune to time rewinding.  The Bowser-esc guy (I don’t know what else to call him) keeps on moving even if I was holding down shift to rewind.  This makes the player have to think about time in yet another way, taking into consideration what has already happened and what will happen as the two time-lines, so to speak, collide.  It is very interesting.

Over all I really enjoyed this game and I am looking forward to more exposure to the gaming world out there! Let the Games Begin.

Emily Blake

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