Braid was a very interesting game. At first it is reminiscent of the old Super Mario games. Like Mario Braid is a 2-dimensional platform game. The first noticeable difference between the two games is the artistry within braid. It is a much more vivid world than Super Mario. Other than the visuals the game plays almost identically to Super Mario; that is, until the first time you die. At this point the game informs you that pressing the shift button rewinds time. When I first died and came across this information, I thought it was great and allowed the user to simply continue from any point in the game. It was unclear that I would need to use this rewind feature in order to pass certain levels of the game and reach puzzle pieces which is part of completing the game. Braid stresses strategy in order to complete the game. Each world had its own physics with regard to the rewind feature. Certain levels as you moved to the right the creatures/enemies would rewind and as you move left the creatures/enemies move forward in time. At this point I nearly through my computer out the window. Unless you were able to figure out the one way to reach a certain platform or key, there would be no way to continue. Braid is not for gamers who are easily frustrated. For these people, like myself, I say, Stay Away From Braid. However, if you love strategy/puzzle infused games then I would highly recommend giving Braid a try.





Author: mcb2791

Vanderbilt Student

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