Progressive Gaming in Braid

To start I am a very elementary gamer. I love the world of gaming I watch game play videos online and I enjoy watching my brother play occasionally. Though, I am not much of gamer my experience with Braid was a very positive! The games that I usually gravitate toward are racing games because of the lower learning curve for them. Braid, on the other hand, is a platform game, and they have a larger learning curve. What I enjoyed about this experience playing Braid with a partner is that my partner was VERY experienced. I got really lucky with my partner. I was partnered with Nathanial who had prior experience with Braid and he guided me through the levels that we played. The guidance was very helpful because I was able to learn the reverse feature and the meta-puzzle feature quicker than if I was playing alone. Even though I had expert guidance the game was still extremely frustrating at times but ultimately rewarding once I figured out how to pass the levels.

The features of the game were interesting and made for great game play. However, even better than that was the aesthetics of the game! I commented to Nathanial right when I began playing Braid that the artwork and the music was beautiful! Each of the levels the background scene was very well done. The music also enhanced the game play and allowed me to be more immersed in gameplay. 

Overall, my first experience with Braid was a good one! The differences in this game from typical platformers definitely made this game interesting and rewarding to play! After playing with Nathanial I watched gameplay of Braid and I truly loved that the levels become increasingly difficult in unconventional ways that adds to the storyline as a whole. 


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