Lord of the Rings: Offline

As a homework assignment, I can’t say I have many complaints about playing Lord of the Rings Online so far. However, as a video game, I can probably come up with a few. I’ll get to that in a bit though. I certainly feel comfortable playing the game, as it reminds me a bit of navigating the virtual world in games like Assassin’s Creed. However, the fact that this comparison arises in my mind only damages my views of LOTRO.

I’ve enjoyed the combat that arises in the game, although it hardly seems like at this point any enemy stands a chance of coming even close to ending my life. This lack of a challenge takes a little fun out of the game, as you don’t really have to strategize about how to kill somebody, but rather you can just stand still and button-mash until your foe has died. I also enjoy parts of the game that follow the narrative script of the novel, although these experiences have been limited thus far. I have high hopes that in the near future I will be able to follow the path of the storyline to the extent that I wish. In addition, I would like it if there were more actual online involvement. In other words, I think it would be awesome if there were some quests we needed to do as a group, fending off a herd of enemies en route to reaching whatever place the game required. Being able to play with classmates in such a fashion would add a cool dimension to the game, and I just found out today that this can be achieved by creating a fellowship. I look forward to trying that out.

As far as the controls of the game go, I have mixed feelings. The fact that that are so many different moves to learn, items to collect, and ways to customize your character allows you to go through the game in a unique and personalized way. However, there is something to be said about simplicity, because the plethora of controls and customizable features can be overwhelming as well. Up to this point, the quests have lacked in excitement, to say the least. They are almost repetitive, with each quest being composed of simply finding something missing and battling little weak enemies. This is where comparisons to Assassin’s Creed really hurt LOTRO, because the “quests” in those games are always incredibly action packed and intriguing as the game follows a very interesting plot as well. While LOTRO has been enjoyable, I’d certainly give it better reviews if it took a few pointers from games like Assassin’s Creed.

-Matt R


One thought on “Lord of the Rings: Offline”

  1. Don’t worry, Matt. You are having such a smooth sailing right now because of early levels. Once you get to around level 19 and 20, things start getting interesting and more difficult. There are some enemies that, as a level 23 AND out-leveling the monsters, I cannot win against alone (because they are built that way).

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