A N00b Experience: From a LOTRO First Timer

My first experience with LOTRO kept me in a trance for about 3 hours. I signed on to the game after class thinking that getting pass the intro was going to be quick. Click -> to look left and click <- to look right, and use the up arrow to “Jump”. I was completely wrong. The Intro immerses you into the game right off the back allowing you to learn how to do all the movements while also teaching you how to accept quests, speak to people within the game, and fight off enemies.

I have a slight obsessive personality and can be quickly sucked into anything video games, television shows,movies therefore; I try to keep away from anything that will completely take me over because I am in school and homework has to be done. But now homework requires me to become “half-real” while playing LOTRO. I have played well into the night passed the intro, leveled up to 8, and dying continuously trying to fight off mobs. Even though, I think that I am a failure at this game because I can’t seem to beat any quests I find myself getting on randomly and even bringing the game up in conversation with my roommate.

I was not completely at ease in the virtual world even though it was kind of familiar because when I played when I was younger and my brother is very much involved in virtual gaming world. I was not versed in the virtual world protocol of the emotions that one could portray, how to speak to someone through chat, or how to join the correct Kinship :). Being in the middle of this world with so many people who are probably more skilled than me and them wanting to speak with me is overwhelming sometimes especially, when I am trying to solve quests and find my way around the on the maps. I am usually good at individual games where I have to count on myself in order to level up (i.e. Candy Crush). But this community game play is a whole new territory and kind of intimidating at times. However, it is very helpful to have the class be able to tutor each other on how to get around the world because it definitely helps and in turn makes it more enjoyable.

The quests are fun to do though they were kind of tedious and fighting off mobs can be completely draining and frustrating when you keep dying. The quests after the Intro are harder for me to follow because I feel like I am taking on a lot of random quests (i.e Find So-and-So’s chickens and return them) instead of a quest that seems to have a purpose. Also it seems like I am doing a lot of walking around and not a lot of defeating enemies and beating quests. It takes forever to get anywhere because I don’t have a horse. Everyone has a horse!! I want a horse! How do I get a horse?!?!?! Sorry the walking/slow running is making me hysterical!

Overall, the game is very immersive and fun to play. I definitely don’t think that I have everything down pack but I like that we all seem to be learning together!


2 thoughts on “A N00b Experience: From a LOTRO First Timer”

  1. Great to hear about your experiences.
    As for the horses… well you should be able to get one reasoably quickly once you complete the Intro. You need to find your way to Hengstacer Farm just out of Bree to get a horse. (in the old days we couldn’t get a horse until level 25…. and by then one was well and truly tired of running everywhere)

    With the quests, check the colour coding. Purple, Red, Orange and Yellow are above your characters level, White is at your Level and the blues and greens are below your level. Also check in the Quest log to see if they are solo, small group or large group. Doing a large group quest by yourself will get you killed lots.
    Look forward to hearing more of your journey. 🙂

  2. With the horse, do keep in mind that you will need to spend some real money for it, or have invested an outrageous amount of time at LOTRO already…

    The game is kind of a jerk like that.

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