Losing at LOTRO

As I said previously in my first blog, I am not a gamer. I think I got a little over ambitious when I played Braid and seemed successful. However, if I thought Braid was hard how did I think I could play Lord of the Rings Online?!

After my friends and parents tried to talk me out of taking this class because they know I cannot play video games, I took their doubts and turned it into my determination. I became determined to learn how to play LOTRO and to be good at it. It turns out yes, I can play it, but no I am not very good at it. My movements around the game are awkward and dizzying. I often run around in circles looking for exits or the end of the quest when it is right in front of me. It took me quite a while, staying up late many nights, to get through the intro. When I finally made it to the Prancing Pony, well after all of my classmates, I was ecstatic! If I could get through the intro I could do anything.

After the intro though, I was on my own. I had to find my own quests and figure out how to get from place to place. There are so many rules and specific ways to do things that make the game hard to play for a casual player. Its impossible for me to remember every little detail that goes into this game, whether it be the correct way to write in the chat, or how to buy travel rations, or even how to check the map.

In playing LOTRO I have gained a lot of respect for my fellow gamers, well the ones a lot more experienced than I. They have learned and mastered how to exist in and navigate a totally new world. Video games are a lot harder than they look; it takes concentration and dedication to truly engage in the game. 


Molly Steckler


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