LOTRO: A Test of Patience

While I revel in the ability to run around for hours in a virtual environment while still convincing myself that I’m being productive, I must say that it has gotten to be a bit tiresome at times. My one biggest complaint about LOTRO is that there is just

I picked up the controls to the game very quickly and I have enjoyed juggling the various quests I taken on; however, again and again I find myself just running back and forth between the various areas in this vast world of the game.

Now, I do appreciate how that adds to the experience of the game as well as contributes to the narrative. It enhances that sense of journey–of being just a tiny figure in this massive world. It goes along with the long and tiresome journeys we read about in the novel. With this being said, my patience runs rather thin when it comes to video games and I would rather not spend a significant portion of the time just running from location to location.
I did recently learn about the auto-run key, so that along with riding horses has eased my frustration on the matter, though the quests are still often more a test of my patience than anything.

I’ve only come across one quest so far that was even remotely challenging. I had to sneak around these goblin-like creatures and pick off one or two at a time in order to finally reach and kill the Goblin Chief. I later realized that this quest was definitely meant to be conquered with a partner or team, but I still enjoyed the challenge of taking it on by myself. Other than that, my quests have mostly been a matter of taking the time to run and find or deliver various objects or creatures. But maybe I just need to get to a higher level first.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed exploring this enormous world; however, I’m just hoping that as I progress, the challenges and quests will become much less wearisome than they have been thus far. I also really look forward to being able to work with the other players on quests and toward a shared goal, as I have yet to experience that.

– Logan W


3 thoughts on “LOTRO: A Test of Patience”

  1. You aren’t the first and I doubt you’ll be the last to highlight the amount of running around in the game. I would highly recommending you research how to get your own horse.
    Leveling early on can be a bit lonely as most of the game ‘population’ will be in the new areas that have been released.
    If you and your classmates are all on the same server I would highly reccomend you getting together and forming a fellowship (group).
    There are many, many challenges in LoTRO and the best ones require a group.
    I’t will be great to hear how you go on a group challenge.
    Also, are you following the Epic Quest line? (the quest line that ties in with the book and films)

    1. Thanks for the tips! I did recently reach the level at which I’m able to learn to ride a horse, so I’ll definitely have to look into that.
      And yes, we are in a fellowship, I just haven’t gotten the chance to get together with anyone to do any quests yet.

      I was aware of the Epic Quest line but I somehow missed it. Next time I log on I’m definitely going to try to get into that. It’ll hopefully make for a much more immersive and interesting experience.

      Thanks again!

  2. I definitely agree with the running complaint. I actually just completed a quest called “the tour of Bree” where I literally just had to run back and forth in Bree and click on fifteen different people. It was really annoying but worth it because it was really easy points.
    I disagree with the author of this blog about the quests being easy. I am not a gamer and therefore it took me a while to get used to the controls. I have come across a couple of the epic quests that were pretty challenging. For some I even had to level up before being able to take them on.

    -Emily Blake

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