Lord of the Rings a Community Experience

My experience watching Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring truly enhanced my experience with the novel overall. Throughout all of the remediations we have encountered throughout our lessons on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. I enjoyed the movie version the most. I enjoyed it the most because of the community atmosphere that surrounded the experience of watching the Lord of the Rings movie. I watched the Lord of the Rings movie in a common space were there was a large TV and at first it was just me and my roommate watching it however; soon just by having the movie on there were at least 10 different people in the room that I didn’t know watching with us. And since most of the people already had watched the movie we discussed the extended portions, talked about the beautiful cinematography, and commented on the plot. 

This was the first experience at least for me that I felt that Lord of the Rings created a community and common experience for me. While I was playing LOTRO I felt very isolated from people and I never truly got into the virtual community experience that was the basic point of the game. I felt that I was always running around alone in the game. I had the same experience while reading the book it was a riveting read however; I read the book in my bed at nighttime and it was very isolating. 

The first time that I felt that I had to true community around Lord of the Rings was watching the movie in the common area with all of these people who have a common experience of watching Lord of the Rings because of the fact that it was a big blockbuster movie. That is what I like the most about movies as a remediation is that it brings in so many people into a culture like Lord of the Rings that normally wouldn’t participate and creates a wider community around the story. I really loved the experience of watching the movie after reading the book and playing the game because I had different perspectives about the movie that I normally wouldn’t and it added to the experience. 


2 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings a Community Experience”

  1. I thought this was a really cool way of looking at the different forms of media, and especially how they each have a different way of socializing people. I watched the movie alone, so that felt isolating to me, but I often played the game when my room mates were around, and it brought up a lot of interesting conversation. I definitely think movies do really help draw people closer together, especially well-known ones. My friends and I always love commenting on older Disney movies and finding new things to enjoy about them!

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