I decided to use Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as my video game to play and present about because primarily, it’s obviously a game that I know I enjoy playing. It’s an incredibly well designed and engaging game that can easily be appreciated. Of course, I also believe it is a game that provokes much discussion and contains a number of aspects that can be related back to this course.

The main mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games has you play out the narrative of a few different members of the American forces in combat with enemy countries in a modernistic or rather somewhat futuristic period. These narratives are incredibly well thought out and created, and I actually think one of the most enjoyable parts of the games is just finding out how the stories play out. I certainly find it more enjoyable to be consistently finding out new parts of the plot rather than just be constantly shooting enemy over enemy in all out combat. The narratives are filled with unexpected twists and turns, and always keep you engaged and wanting to play the next mission. Each mission varies in what it asks of you so that the game isn’t dull as being just shoot-outs in different settings. For example, my favorite missions are generally the ones that require stealth and strategy, where one misstep or mental mistake can ruin your chances of success.

The other extremely popular mode in the series of games is playing online. While obviously separating the game from narrative, online play is a huge selling point for the game. In online play, the game becomes social and competitive, allowing you to collaborate with friends and strangers while trying to defeat the opposing team. The online mode features a variety of maps and types of games so that you can virtually never get bored. As you level up, you gain access to new guns and abilities, which you can customize and vary depending on the game or maybe just your mood. I think this is an incredibly fun and addicting aspect of the game.

Overall, the Modern Warfare games are also just extremely impressive to look at. The graphics are almost too realistic, and the fluidity of the gameplay is near flawless (unless of course the game lags). The war environments, weapons and soldiers are all beautifully crafted, and every action of your character or of the gameplay runs smoothly. It’s very hard to find anything to complain about in this series of games, but there is always so much to rave about.

-Matt R


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