Experiencing Historical Narrative: Mission U.S.

I started with Mission 2, which is based on the life of a slave girl. Initially, going into the game I liked the music. The game is interesting and fun to me because I used to play games like the Oregon Trail when I was younger and the “Choose Your Own Adventure” theme fun for me. Once in the game I felt uncomfortable answering the questions and making decisions. I think that is really realistic with the decisions that you have to make. They allow for the slave girl to choose to dissent from her master’s orders and the consciences from those actions happen almost immediately. I almost felt conflicted when the game would ask me if I wanted to do the masters orders as they were given or if I wanted to dissent and half do the work or plant things that were harmful to the productivity of the plantation. It was shocking how real just making those small decisions felt even as an initial reaction to playing the game.

            It is fascinating to play this type of remediation of history lessons. When I was younger I was a fan of fictional diaries that represented the life of various young girls during historically significant moments in history. Those books gave you a more personal narrative story of history and helped me understand history deeper than I had prior. My initial experience with this game is similar the “Choose Your Own Adventure” aspect as well as the true to life situations don’t really teach you more about the Historical situation but rather gives me a deeper understanding and personal significance to the event.  Overall, my first reaction to game is that it is truly immersive game if you want to connect personally to the narrative of history as a whole. I am excited for new missions coming out in later months for sure!


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