Sims 3: Vivian Stuart’s Profile

In class on Thursday, we were given the assignment to write a blog of our choice, so I am writing about my experience remediating the Sims 3.  A couple of days ago, my partner Molly and I finally decided on how we are going to present our game, Sims 3.  We figured that since Sims 3 is a family life simulation game, what better way to remediate it than to bring our simulated characters to the real world: Facebook! So far the project has been really fun to build, I mean who doesn’t want to play Sims 3 all day taking screen shots and making Facebook profiles for your characters? I can’t imagine anyone would turn down that life style. So far we have profiles for Vivian and her husband Colin (they just made their marriage Facebook official yesterday.. so cute) and we are working on a “Sims 3: Sunset Valley Neighborhood” page for them to like.  We plan on creating albums for major events in their life and creating statuses periodically to truly bring these characters to life.  It has been challenging at times with getting the right screen shot and such but it is a very convenient way to do a group project.  Molly and I are both very busy and can rarely find time to meet up, but with Facebook, we just need the username and the password and we can edit the project from wherever we are. It has been great! The only potential issue is that I am the only one with the game on their laptop, but we just divided the work so that it evens out. Overall it has been a good time and we am looking forward to sharing it with y’all!

-Emily Blake

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