Digital Media and the Future: Event Marketing and Development

For this blog, I am going to attempt to put into words how I will spin this class on my future job employers.

It changes everyday but today, I believe I want to be an Event Marketing and Development Specialist with Creative Enterprises. So far, I think my HOD major, cognitive studies minor and corporate strategy minor are all really helping to prepare me for this path way.  However, on a resume, all of this sounds very similar to each other: simply “business.”

However, I love being able to write “English 259: Digital Media” under related course work because, for me, it is a unique class that I can use to my advantage.  I will be able to tell my future employers the truth, that we studied the strengths and weaknesses of different media.

The reason this is useful for me is because when I combine it with the skills from my cognitive studies minor, I am able to say that I can use my knowledge of how people think and perceive environmental signals while picking the best media to present my data and therefore be more successful in marketing to a target audience.

I have yet to try this in an interview, but I have one next Monday for this exact type of job. So I will keep you posted on if this works or not, fingers crossed!!

-Emily Blake


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