Digital Media: Real World Applications

Our class on digital media has covered many topics, a majority of which have been in relation to creative media. In my personal future of nursing, real world application in the workplace for digital media would be limited to simulated anatomy tech and record-keeping; I mean, pagers are still used in many hospitals, so digital media? relevant, but not exactly a major priority. 
So instead, I think I’ll focus on a possible thing that I’ve always wanted to do; novel writing.
I know, I know. What am I doing going into nursing if I love writing? Well, something has to pay the bills, right? So that’s that, I’m being practical.
Anyway, with everything that we’ve gone over in this class on digital media, I think it’s really vital for any potential writers to realize the power of the various social medias and forms of remediation that exist today. 
Obviously getting published is the first step. But after that? The possibilities for remediation and interaction with the digital world are endless.
Blogs, videos, all the social networking opportunities . . . it’s all out there, and available for authors to use. Some of them take advantage of it, as I know one of my favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson, keeps his own website updated with the percentages of progress on his books, but others remain hidden. Maybe it’s some misplaced ideas of professionalism, but I wish that authors would interact more with their readers.
What it comes down to is that the field of digital media is growing ever faster, and in many different fields, from the creative to the professional, exploring the different avenues available is key to success.  

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