I can connect with the kids and their hibbidy-jibbidy technology!

A big buzzword (buzzphrase) in marketing is “social media.” I’ve heard time and time again from various baby-boomers that if I can find the formula to increase brand value via new technology, I’d be golden. So how does playing Lord of the Rings Online, blogging, and reading about video-game theory help?

It shows that everything is connected. There is no line where the real world stops and the digital, fantasy, or entertainment world begins. When I was a kid, there was a clear distinction between when I was sitting in my room playing video games and when I was in the living room doing homework with a pen and paper. Now, education can be “played,” Facebook is a part of class, and I listen to podcasts while doing homework. Classes like Digital Media are important because it will keep us out of an insular world of business where the models and powerpoints don’t match the information-age market.

I personally have internet marketing, social media, blogging, and digital art experience. When I sit down in front of an interviewer, I let him or her know that “I’m doing business right now, as we speak.” I’m getting views, hits, and likes. Comments and other feedback on my work is coming in and waiting for me to respond every single day.

I’m part of a generation that doesn’t turn off. Business now runs through society like a fluid, and old-school marketing is dead. It’s important that we start learning about these things first-hand, and studying video games is a fun way to do so.



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