Entrance Hall

Background: Castle Joyeous Entrance Hall

Matt Reynolds and Jeremy Bolin

Book 3, Canto 1, Lines 31-34, 40, 52

Entering Castle Joyeous, the PC finds him/herself in the grand entrance hall. Long and vast, the hall leads the PC to the dining hall and library of Castle Joyeous, as well as to Britomart’s bedchamber.

As the PC works their way through the endless entrance hall, they are exposed to the ornate extravagance of Castle Joyeous’ interior design. Lined with pillars and posts embossed in gold, the hall is also filled with an abundance of royal riches. Handcrafted woodwork and furniture can be seen throughout the hall, filling the room with the scent of rich mahogany (trust me, it’s there). There is a particular seating area containing several luxurious chairs, and various artwork and decor can be found in the entrance hall along with beautiful chandeliers. Armor and weapon racks are also located in the hall, as well as a bar/liquor cabinet area for people to let loose and be merry. There is actually such wealth in Castle Joyeous that there are plies of gold just laying around on a fine rug in the entrance hall as well, though it is guarded my multiple knights.

Several NPC knights and faire ladies of various shapes and sizes can be found in the hall. They are seen marveling at the opulence of the great hall, and some of them express their astonishment via dialogue with the PC.

The entrance hall also houses many fine tapestries from medieval France, and a series of these tapestries embody the several stages of Venus’ story. A woman staring at these tapestries can be interacted with as she briefly explains what they are illustrating. The first tapestry displays Venus in her search for her lost son, Cupid, the god of love, as city by city she inquires about him only to find that she has just missed him. The second tapestry then illustrates Venus encountering Diana and Phoebe, as Phoebe angrily tells Venus that if she finds Cupid first, she will clip his wings. The next tapestry depicts Venus and Adonis enjoying each other’s company in the beautiful garden filled with flowers and extensive growth. The following tapestry depicts the scene in which Venus cares for Adonis who has been wounded by a wild boar. The PC may actually enter this scene through the tapestry as another zone in the game. The final tapestry portrays Venus as a grandmother, advising Psyche on how to properly care for and raise her daughter.


-Many different but rather insignificant knights

-Various faire ladies 


 (Lady staring at the first of the 5 Venus tapestries)

NPC Faire Lady: “These tapestries were made in Toure. Marvelous, no?”

PC: “Most certainly. What are they of?”

NPC Faire Lady: “Well, this first one depicts the goddess of beauty and love, Venus, as she searches for her missing son. The other four also show Venus in the events following this first one.”

(Knight at entrance door)

NPC Knight: “My, what riches fill these halls!”

PC: “Only the finest adornments and furnishings can be found in Castle Joyeous.”

NPC Knight: “Yes, what an extravagant place this is.”


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