Lost in Cyberspace


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My only experience with online gaming before taking this class was watching the web series The Guild. For those who haven’t seen the series, it’s a show about a group of people playing “The Game,” an online game based on World of Warcraft. Also, if you haven’t seen it, you should watch it, because it’s excellent and even has some great cameos (Neil Gaiman was in an episode, people. Neil Gaiman).


Because of The Guild, I pictured playing online games in a certain way…and for the most part, I have actually found the show pretty accurate. The game in the show is about creating guilds to beat the game, in the same way that players can create kinships and fellowships in LOTRO. Sometimes in the web series, there will be moments when viewers get to see the actors as their avatars actually interacting in the game. That part is interesting to me because it really feels like an entire other world, because there really are real people on the other side of the characters. That’s what the first episode of The Guild deals with a lot–how interactions within games translate to real life.


All that being said, the actual gaming part of LOTRO is NOT my strong suit. I really like logic games, like Sudoku, Minesweeper, etc. When I was younger I was really into ClueFinders. Anyone play Cluefinders?? That game was THE BEST. Because parents thought it was so educational, so they’d let you play it for hours, but joke’s on them because it was sooo fun. Why don’t they make college Cluefinders?

Anyway, LOTRO, as far as I have gotten, deals with a lot of running back and forth. I am TERRIBLE with directions in real life (literally got lost in Towers yesterday, no joke) and this unfortunately translates to the game. When my character ends up in dark caves, I get so turned around. If I could choose any quest, I would want to stand in place and solve a riddle like the one the sphinx gives Harry in Goblet of Fire. Instead, I’m getting lost in fields while trying to deliver messages for elves. Come on, middle earth–invest in cell phones. Or at least carrier pigeons…

Once I get past the early levels (if I don’t get too lost in the process) I’m looking forward to the higher level quests. I’ve been inspired by Codex.


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