Maybe the Future is Bright, Maybe?

In H.G. Wells’ The Time Traveler, our protagonist travels deep into the theoretical dimension of time. Coming out on the other side, he experiences a few realities that all show the fate of earth as a bleak outcome for humanity. I, like many of the narrator’s guests, do not believe the traveler’s stories. I choose not to believe, not because time travel is impossible but because I have faith that humanity will not evolve and transform the earth into something as cruel and unfortunate as the scenes that the readers are introduced to.I don’t remember who said it, but there is a quote that says something along the lines of ~the universe had the infinite possibility to be ugly, yet somehow it is beautiful. Instead of the protagonist tales, let’s actually imagine a world that isn’t ugly.

In this day, social media is huge and there is no way that it will become less relevant. In my opinion and highest hopes, social media will be what prevent humanity from crumbling to war, crime, and evil science that may have led to the creatures that are seen in a large part o the novel. As a future officer in the Marine Corps, I believe now that the most powerful weapon in the world is finally the common people. It’s not ballistic missile submarines or bombers, it’s the easy of communication and way that sympathy spreads like wildfire that is truly humanity’s hope. A few decades ago, atrocities did not get the coverage they demanded to end, but now nation’s are being held accountable by citizens. I’d like to think that this shift in power will never be undone, when people are in control instead of power craving individuals, then the true nature of humanity comes to light.

This guy. Such love.

Thousands of years of change are impossible to predict, but I refuse to accept Wells’ weak faith in us, as I ultimately see the novel as a refection of human’s direct influence on their own future. I think our future is bright. With so much possibility to be ugly, the universe has continued to choose beauty and I don’t think it’ll ever change it’s mind.

I’d be willing to bet Einstein said the quote btw.

By Squidward


One thought on “Maybe the Future is Bright, Maybe?”

  1. First of all, I love this post because it made me laugh. But also, I agree with you. I tend to be cynical at times, but never about the future. The future gives us hope because where there is future there is time to change, and I think while technology gets a bad rap, that fear is poorly directed. Modern technology simply figures out new ways to do the same things humans have been doing for years; communicate, fall in love, learn, create things, even malfunction…and I thought a big loophole in H.G. Well’s story was that it was pretty surface level (hehe, pun). We never understood what the underground machine were nor did we get a believable exploration of who the Eloi and Morlocks actually were as beings.

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