Morlock Mash

Presenting Morock Mash, the debut game from CDE Games!


Morlock Mash is a kinetic, beat-the-clock tablet game that draws inspiration from H. G. Wells’ novel “The Time Machine.” Gameplay is similar to other tablet games such as Fruit vs. Zombies, Max Axe and Airport, and all art is produced in the Steampunk aesthetic. The game is marketed for 18+ casual gamers and Steampunk enthusiasts; we anticipate the game will attract a large female audience. (Note: CDE Games is a fictional studio and this is a mock pitch. Morlock Mash is not in production.)

Our video presentation was successful in many ways. Making it forced us to be concise and to divide our information into manageable segments. As a result, our presentation was focused and organized. Video format also allows the presenters to act a little more; in person this would seem cheesy and insincere, but it helps engage the audience on screen. While video presentations added some in-class technical concerns (checking sound beforehand, etc.) I think that overall, it was a success.

However, there are several things that we would do differently in our presentation:

Structurally, it was effective to break the video into three parts: game design (inspiration and gameplay), art, and selling points. However, the game design segment is by far the most complicated and largest amount of information. Several people in the audience seemed confused by:

  1. Physical swiping gameplay. We should have explained the gameplay (one finger path-swipe and one attack button) more clearly. However, people’s confusion also caused us to rethink our gameplay; it might be too complicated for a single set of hands.
  2. Levels. We should have included a level-by-level breakdown in the video, rather than explaining them in person after the video. Not only was the in-person explanation relatively unorganized, but it also lessened the punch of our closing pitch.

Additionally, given more time we would have amped up the original art and gameplay mockups. While the mockup animations in our video were effective, we could have designed all original art in Photoshop and also included an actual simulation of the gameplay.

Overall, I think our presentation was organized, concise, and effective.  Maybe someday you’ll see Morlock Mash for sale on the App Store!

-Emma, Carly, Diana


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