Let’s play —-> Retsupurae? Is this ok?

Hello friends,

Sincerest apologies for posting this blog so late. The end of last week was extraordinarily hectic and I could barely keep track of what needed to be done.

Today we’re going to have a brief discussion about Let’s Plays and their implications on the gaming community as a whole.

For the uninitiated, a Let’s Play is a video recording of a gamer playing through a game, often while providing some idiosyncratic form of commentary or dialogue for the viewer. The most famous Let’s Play star of YouTube is undoubtedly PewDiePie,Image result

a Swedish YouTuber who has an almost cultish following at this point. For him, he makes multiple millions of dollars a year in sheer views alone, and no better figure personifies the incredible gameplay commentary culture that pervades gamer sentiment today. But before he even became well-known, countless other gamers were posting all kinds of different Let’s Plays that massively varied in quality. Another YouTube channel, Restupurae, sought out the worst of the bunch, and uploaded their own critical commentary of the player’s commentary, providing plenty of laughs at the Let’s Play gamer’s expense.

As of today, Retsupurae has over 120,000 subscriber, and you can see that the demand for gameplay commentary extends even to commentary of the commentators! But, it is worth mentioning that a decent amount of the YouTubers targeted by RestuPurae actually approve of the publicity and jokes made. Ironically, their most popular video is a piece that brings together other video game streamers who react negatively to PewDiePie’s style of commentary. Here is another video that is far more representative of what they originally created to get their own start. My question to you all is: do you believe the critical commentary and entertainment provided by a pair of YouTubers like Retsupurae is appropriate? Do you think that this qualifies as pure cyber-bullying even though the other YouTubers are purposefully uploading their own Let’s Play content for public consumption?

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